Wiring Diagrams


’82 thru ’85 Camaro V8


Reference diagrams for the electrical systems…


Power Distribution

Oil Pressure / Tach / Coolant Temp

Power Antenna

Ignition Switch / Fuses

Door Jamb, Seatbelt Sensors

Rear Defogger

Starter Wiring


AC and Blower - #1

Alternator Wiring


AC and Blower - #2

Ignition Wiring

Side Markers / Tail Lights

Cruise Control

Engine Sensors / Emission Controls

Interior / Console Lights

Power Windows

EGR / Transmisson Sensors

Interior Lights, Radio, Lighter

Power Door Locks

Electric Choke

Standard Wiper Control

Power Mirrors

Brake / Coolant / Fuel Sensors

Rear Wiper / Washer

Gear Shift / Clutch Switches


Delay Wiper Control



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