Restoration List…


This is a current list of all the parts replaced on the ’84.  The list is still growing… it’s a work in progress!



    Engine - Original 305 LG4 with Rochester 4bbl electronic carb
          Carb rebuilt, including new TPS and mixture solenoid
          New Summit CAM: 
             intake      0.265 lift  (0.398 @ valve, 194
° duration)
             exhaust   0.280 lift  (0.420 @ valve, 204
° duration)
          New 1.5 ratio rockers
          New TRW hydraulic lifters
          New Summit timing chain set
          Reconditioned heads, including new valves and springs
          New oil pump, pickup screen
          New fuel pump
          New filters
          New water pump
          New starter
          New sensors
          New EGR, PCV valves
          New belts, vacuum lines and hoses
          New plugs, wires, cap, ground strap
          New Summit 48KV coil and Accel ignition module
          Degreased the block and intake
               -> sealed with POR15 engine paint - black
          **Chrome Summit alternator, oil pan, valve covers, air cleaner lid

    Transmission (700R4)
          New seals
          New coolant lines - aluminized steel, painted gloss black
          Filter / fluid / gasket change
          Clean and degrease - rest is original!

     Rear End - 10 bolt
          Gear Ratio:  3.08:1
          Factory original
          Fluid flushed and replaced
          New breather
          **Chrome differential cover


Exhaust and emissions
     New 13GA aluminized steel pipe - front to back
          3" cat to muffler
          2.5" tailpipes
     New heat riser
     Stainless catalytic – Catco hi-flow from Summit Racing
     Stainless muffler - Magnaflow
     New hangers
     Stainless clamps
     New smog tube set
     New smog tube check valves
     New smog pump

Coolant system
     New 160 degree thermostat
     New radiator
     New coolant level sensor

Heater and A/C
     New heater core
     New blower motor
     New compressor
     New condensor
     New receiver
     New dryer
     New heater, radiator, A/C hoses
     New heater box seals

Fuel System
     New fuel tank, straps - degreased and painted gloss black
     Reconditioned sending unit
     New filter sock (pickup)
     New line set - aluminized steel
     New breather
     New clips


     New heavy duty gas shocks - clear coated over white paint
     New springs - sealed with POR15 black
     New lower control arm bushings
     New ball joints
     New sway bar bushings, end links
     New tie rods, sleeves, center link

     New steering gear box
     Balance of all original suspension parts sandblasted and sealed with POR15 black

     New master cylinder
     New brake cylinders - rear
     New calipers - front
     New spring kit, self adjusters
     New lines
          Front to rear block - stainless
          Balance - aluminized steel
          New clips
     New pads and shoes
     New rotors, drums and bearings
     New high pressure hoses (front and rear)

Undercarriage, engine compartment and rocker panels
     Sandblasted to bare metal
     Sealed with POR15 white
     Top-coated with GM Antique White (body color)
     Heat shields blasted and sealed with high-temp silver

     Doors recovered from a 1989 Z28
     Deck lid recovered from a 1989 Z28
     New front fenders
     New steel hood
     Minor pinholes welded shut following sandblasting
     Paint Color (upper): GM Antique White – RPO Code 11U / 11L
     Paint Color (lower): Ford Brown
     New striping
     New header panel emblems
     New hood emblem
     New fender emblems
     New body moulding / door guards

     15x7 chrome rims, Cragar center caps, chrome valve stems, lugnuts & locks
     P235/60R15 BF Goodrich Radial TA

     New headliner
     New Carpet
     New console door
     Upholstry all original - lots of cleaning!
     Replaced (used) rear defrost cables
     New weatherstripping
          Rear hatch opening
          Rear hatch glass to panel
          Left and right window seals
     New power option switches
     New door pin switches, hatch switch
     New brake pedal pad

     New gas-charged lifts (hood and hatch)
     New battery, cables
     New gas cap
     New clips, clamps, bolts
     Sherwood amplifier, dual 12" subs